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Customer Testimonials: Read Their Plumbing or Heating Stories

EZ Plumbing Inc. always strives for complete customer satisfaction. Here you can read the testimonials from past clients about our work on their plumbing, drainage, and heating projects. If you wish to share your experience with EZ Plumbing, contact us to leave a comment . We will be more than happy to post your story.

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Efficient & Fast Response

EZ Plumbing Inc. was great. They were efficient and fast at responding to my emergency. A must call for this Edmonton plumbing company.

- Joshua, St. Albert

Very Happy

They did my new house: plumbing, heating, and drainage. They were with me every step of the way. Anytime of day or night, EZ Plumbing Inc. was there for me. They arranged for all the permits and inspections. I was very happy with their service.

- Dave, Edmonton

A Big Help

I had a broken pipe in my ceiling. It flooded my entire house. I called EZ Plumbing Inc. First they showed so much patience with me on the phone as I told my story. They sent out a technician right away; the technician explained and wrote down everything for me clearly. They also sent my insurance company the reports needed. They were a very big help to me and my family.

- Sharon, Edmonton

See what all the fuss is about. Call or email EZ Plumbing Inc. in Edmonton for a free quote for your plumbing or heating needs.

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