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Commercial Rooftop Units

Commercial Rooftop HVAC Units in Edmonton & Surrounding Areas

Advantages of Rooftop Climate Control Systems

Constant volume rooftop units are one of the most common HVAC systems used in commercial buildings. Not only do they provide dependable, cost-effective climate control, they also offer a number of helpful options and accessories that make it easier to adapt to your personal preferences as well as structural requirements during installation.

Rooftop installation allows you to remove ugly heating and cooling hardware from sight, giving your property a clean, uncluttered appearance.

EZ Plumbing offers a selection of rooftop HVAC units in Edmonton and surrounding areas that are designed specifically for commercial applications, providing the flexibility, performance and fit to meet your specific needs.

Rooftop climate control systems offer a number of advantages over other types of commercial heating and cooling options.
  • Flexibility – Because rooftop systems are modular systems they can easily be expanded or redesigned to conform to your changing needs. Rooftop systems are available in both natural gas and electric models. 

  • Less Noise – While modern heating and cooling equipment is not nearly as noisy today as it was in the past, it can still be quite distracting. Roof mounted systems are placed on the roof and are much less noticeable. 
  • More Secure – Thieves often target heating and air conditioning equipment for the valuable metals they contain. Ground-level units are easily accessed and can be stripped and carted away quickly and with a minimum of effort. Rooftop units are not nearly so easy to access and thus less likely to attract opportunists. 
  • Space Savings – Ground-based units take up space that could be used for landscaping, additional parking spaces or future expansion. A rooftop system is out of sight and out of your way. 
  • Easy to Maintain – Rooftop units group all the heating and cooling components in a single package, making it easy to access all modules for maintenance or repair.

To learn more about commercial rooftop climate control options or to request a free estimate at your location, please contact our office.
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