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Simple Solutions to 5 Common Commercial Plumbing Problems

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There’s nothing like a plumbing problem to interrupt the normal flow of business. But don’t let embarrassing drain difficulties ruin your reputation. Keep reading to learn more about five common commercial plumbing problems and the solutions that plumbing contractors in Edmonton recommend.

1. Clogged drains and/or toilets

The occasional clog isn’t much cause for concern and can usually be fixed with a plunger or an auger and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. But if you can’t clear the drain yourself, or if you’re experiencing frequent clogs, there could be a more serious problem lurking below the surface that needs the attention of professional plumbing contractors in Edmonton.

2. Pungent odours

No one expects their drains to smell as fresh as a field of summer flowers. But there are normal plumbing smells and then not-so-normal smells. If your business is starting to smell like a sewer and the odour is strong enough to scare away customers, you could have a sewer clog on your hands. Call one of the plumbers from EZ Plumbing in Edmonton today to get to the root of the problem.

3. Temperamental hot water

The last thing any business owner wants is for an employee or a customer to get burned by an overly hot water faucet. And because commercial units are a lot more complicated than residential hot water tanks, this isn’t something that you should try to DIY. Call one of our plumbers today to come in and calibrate your water temperature.

4. Dripping faucet

You turn the tap off, but there’s still a consistent drip, drip, drip draining into the sink. And everyone knows that even a small leak can turn into thousands of wasted gallons of water each year. You can try to tighten the taps by yourself or simply call one of our professional plumbing contractors to fix the problem.

5. Silent leaks

If your water bill spikes suddenly, there could be a leak somewhere that you haven’t detected yet. Not only will a silent leak waste water and money, but an undetected leak could leave you vulnerable to mould and moisture damage as well. Check for visible signs of moisture or pooling water and call one of our plumbers for a more thorough inspection.

For some of the best plumbing professionals in Edmonton, visit EZ Plumbing. We offer a full range of residential and commercial plumbing and heating services including 24/hr emergency plumbing assistance. At EZ Plumbing we’re dedicated to using the best plumbing practices in the industry to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a quote.


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