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Energy Myths Exposed: Are You REALLY Saving Money?

“Ready, set, save!” are the three little words every penny-pinching homeowner hopes to adhere to. In today’s world, nickels and dimes add up fast. This is why our modern mentality revolves around one very important object: cash. We need cash.

But what happens when you lose money by attempting to save money? That couldn’t possibly happen to you, right? Wrong. Myths are a dime a dozen, but fortunately for you, we at EZ Plumbing will help you debunk the myths surrounding energy efficiency.

Myth #1: Closing Vents Will Reduce Heating Bill

The only thing closing your vents will do is block the inhaling and exhaling of your ventilation system and throw everything out of balance. Don’t make your vent work harder (or risk breaking down) by falling prey to this age-old myth.

Vents allow the heat in your house to be evenly distributed – blocking vents will make certain rooms colder, but since cold rooms draw heat from their surroundings, they will begin to make the house feel colder—tempting you to adjust the thermostat to a higher temperature.

Myth #2: Leaving Ceiling Fan on Will Cool Down Your Room

Fans don’t cool a room, they cool you. If you’re tempted to leave a fan running in hopes of cooling down a room while you’re away, stop. Fans are designed to move air across your skin to make you feel cooler – they aren’t designed to make a room cool down. If you keep a fan running, you are doing nothing but wasting precious, pricey electricity.

Myth #3: Letting Faucets Drip Isn't a Big Deal

False! When it comes to dripping faucets, it seems as if water accumulates at a breakneck speed. Did you know that the water from one dripping faucet can add up to be 300 gallons of water per month? If you want to avoid a sky-high water bill, get your leaking faucets checked immediately.

Myth #4: Keeping Lights, Electronics, and Appliances on Saves Energy

There is no need to keep all of your energy-using objects on. This long-standing myth of “don’t turn things on and off because it wastes more energy” has cost many people a lot of money. Most people fail to realize modern technology/electricity is durable and uses less energy when starting up. So, when in doubt, turn off any light or machine. Start getting in the habit now – you’ll save energy and money. Another important thing to remember is this: investing in up-to-date appliances will save you money in the long run.

If you need help in achieving better energy efficiency with your plumbing or heating, contact EZ Plumbing today.


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