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8 Signs Your Hot Water Tank Needs to Be Replaced

Signs of hot water tank replacement in edmonton

A nice, hot morning shower. It’s how Canada wakes up and starts the day. But if you’re having problems with your hot water tank, you may end up having more cold showers than you’d like. Keep reading for eight signs that your tank is on its way out.

1. Inadequate supply/low pressure

Low pressure or inadequate water supply both point to a problem with the tank. Accumulated sediment, a faulty heating element or simply age could be to blame. Reputable plumbing companies in Edmonton are your best source for help.

2. No hot water

Lack of hot water is usually caused by a broken heating element, corrosion or a problem with the fuel source. If you’re not getting any hot water at all, call one of the plumbers from EZ Plumbing in Edmonton today.

3. There’s a leak

Loose connections, corroded seams or other damage to your hot water heater can result in costly leaks. It’s not usually possible to repair the damage caused by corrosion so you may need to start shopping around for a good price on hot water tanks in Edmonton.

4. Weird noises

Pay special attention to any popping sounds, as these usually indicate that there is a mechanical problem with the tank. While installing a new tank might seem like a big expense at first, you’ll enjoy the monthly savings that come with having a more energy efficient model.

5. There are visible signs of rust

If you can see rust, it’s too late. Rust and corrosion start inside hot water tanks before spreading to the outside so if it’s visible on the outside of the tank, the inside is probably already corroded.

6. Drain valve is blocked

If you open the drain valve and nothing comes out, there’s a good chance that accumulated sediment is to blame. An accumulation of sediment can seriously damage your tank and make heating your water more expensive.

7. Pilot won’t stay lit

If your tank has a gas pilot light that keeps going off, a faulty thermocouple or gas valve is often to blame. Fortunately, these parts can be repaired by one of the skilled plumbers from EZ Plumbing.

8. It’s old

Most hot water tanks will last for about 10 years before starting to deteriorate. If your tank is older than this, then it’s time to shop around for a new one with a few plumbing companies in Edmonton. Newer models are extremely energy efficient and well worth the expense.

EZ Plumbing is your full-service, 24-hr plumber in the Edmonton area. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing, heating and emergency services or to book an appointment.


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