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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Bathroom Remodel

At home, you spend most of your time somewhere other than your bathroom. Bathrooms are functional spaces, so most people don't linger in them longer than the time it takes to brush their teeth or wash their hands.

But, even in your rush to leave, you cumulatively spend about two weeks a year in the bathroom. That's nearly 4% of each year, so you should have a bathroom you like. Show your bathroom some love by giving it a remodel. Use the following questions to get your style ideas flowing and address the project's practical considerations.

1. Do I Need a Shower and a Bath?

Many full baths come standard with a tub that doubles as the shower. That design saves space and gives people options. A remodel creates the perfect opportunity to move away from this generic bathroom orientation.

Consider how you actually use your bathroom. When was the last time you took a bath? Many people shower almost exclusively. If you fit into that category, think about replacing the tub with a larger custom shower. And if you love relaxing in a hot bath, maybe it's time to upgrade to a jetted tub.

2. How Can I Increase Water Efficiency?

A bathroom remodel can do more than give the room a fresh look. It should also enhance a bathroom's function. One way to enhance function is to install new faucets and showerheads that use less water.

Environment Canada notes that almost 65% of your in-home water use occurs in the bathroom. Upgrading to water-efficient bathroom fixtures can reduce your total water use and make your home more eco-friendly.

Here are a few simple ways to improve bathroom water efficiency:

Replace old or leaky toilets.

Flushing the toilet accounts for 30% of your home's annual water use. Old or leaky toilets likely raise that percentage since they use up to 18 litres per flush. Choose an ultra-low volume toilet that uses around 6 litres per flush, and ask a plumber to install it for you.

Choose a water-efficient showerhead.

You might not want to sacrifice your old showerhead if you love its ample water pressure. However, many recently released showerheads create a sensation of high water pressure while using less water per minute. You can also find showerheads with shut-off buttons or switches that save water while you lather up.

Pick faucets with low-flow aerators.

Low-flow aerators reduce how much water a faucet releases per minute, even at full blast. They'll work fine at a rate of 6 litres per minute rather than the standard 13.5 of conventional faucets. If your favourite faucet doesn't come with an efficient aerator, your renovation plumber can usually install one for it.

3. Can I Divide the Space More Effectively?

"Mom, someone's hogging the bathroom again!" Are you tired of acting as the referee during your children's bathroom wars? The solution could be as simple as dividing the space in their shared bathroom during your remodel. Divided areas can reduce fights about time and privacy caused by shared bathrooms.

You can create an enclosed area for the toilet alone or the toilet and shower together. What you choose to do will depend on the space available and the layout of your bathroom, as well as how you use the bathroom from day to day.

A toilet-only space offers enhanced privacy. It’s a simple option for allowing others to come in while someone uses the bathroom. A toilet and tub/shower division leaves the vanity area separate. This option is perfect if you want others to have a place to do hair, put on makeup, shave, or get ready for bed. Whichever layout you choose, you can save space with a pocket door, which slides out when you need it but otherwise stays out of the way.

4. Should I Choose Two Sinks or More Counter Space?

Many ensuite bathrooms have two sinks, one for each spouse or partner. Two sinks create convenience, since each person can use his or her own sink without disrupting the other. But sometimes having two sinks sacrifices valuable counter space. That's especially true of paired pedestal sinks.

During your remodel, decide if you love the two-sink look or if you'd prefer more room for getting-ready items. Those who use several hair tools to get ready every day may be better off with an extended counter and a sink off to one side. You can also easily get rid of the second sink if you don't share the master bathroom.

5. When Should I Call in the Professionals?

Many home remodelling TV shows make updating your bathroom look like a fast weekend project. You might be able to handle some of the finishing touches like painting the walls or laying the tile on your own, but you should bring in a professional plumber for anything beyond changing a showerhead or replacing a faucet.

Here are a few problems you might encounter that require professional expertise:

  • Old pipes

  • Unexpected water damage

  • Damaged pipes

If these questions gave you inspiration for your new bathroom, don't wait to get started. Call EZ Plumbing to look at your bathrooms and give you a cost estimate for the renovation.


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